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About Arkansas Adjusters Association

Why choose our services

The Arkansas Adjusters Association is a professional organization that provides many worthwhile functions.


The Association provides scholarship funds for children of our members. Currently, we give two scholarships to children of active members. One is designated for students majoring in a business-related field. The other is open to students of any major and includes freshman and graduate students. To apply for membership or a scholarship please visit the applications page.

The Arkansas Adjusters Association also provides an annual award to a Volunteer Fire Department. We have several social events throughout the year, including an golf tournament and Christmas party.

As a professional organization, we promote and sponsor a monthly speaker series to further educate our members. Our speakers are a diverse group that includes the State Insurance Commissioner, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals willing to give their time to such a worthy cause.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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